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Filipinas Marine Company Inc. (Manning Agency)
Filipinas Star Employment Resources Corporation (Private Employment Agency)
Filipinas-Global Multi-Services Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Filipino Achievers Management & International Services, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Filipino Human Resources Development Center (Private Employment Agency)
Filpower Skills Consultants Inc. (Service Contractor)
Filscan Shipping Inc. (Philippine Registered Vessel)
Filworks Manpower Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Findstaff Placement Services Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Finest Asia Resources Inc. (Service Contractor)
Finest Placement Agency (Private Employment Agency)
Finewood Shipping, Inc. (Philippine Registered Vessel)
FIRST CHAMPION & International Entertainment Inc.
First Cosmopolitan Manpower & Promotion Services Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
First Holdings International Inc. (Construction Contractor)
First International Diversified Manpower Services Corporation (Private Employment Agency)
First International Representatives & Contractors Corporation (Construction Contractor)
First Placement Services Corporation (Private Employment Agency)
First Victory Shipping Services (Manning Agency)
Five Star Marine Services Corporation (Manning Agency)
Flash International Manpower, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
FLB Overseas Employment Agency Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Fleet Management Services Philippines Inc. (Manning Agency)
Flor Callo International Trade (Private Employment Agency)
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