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Becmen Service Exporter & Promotions Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Beedjade Service Contractors Corporation (Private Employment Agency)
Bellestar Promotions, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Belvedere Manpower, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Benchstone Enterprises Inc. (Service Contractor)
Benephil Shipmanagement Company Inc. (Manning Agency)
Benhur Shipping Corporation (Manning Agency)
Benton International Recruitment Agency Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Bergesen DY Philippines Inc. (Manning Agency)
Best One International Services & Consultancy Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Bestcare Placement Services, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Better Living International Placement Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
BG Specialist Placement Services (Authority To Negotiate)
Bibby International Services Phils. Inc. (Manning Agency)
Biente Uno Promotions, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Big Dipper Maritime Services Corporation (Manning Agency)
Billboard Promotion, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Binharoon International Manpower Supply (Private Employment Agency)
Bionic Manpower Services, Inc. (Private Employment Agency)
Bison Management Corporation (Service Contractor)
Blazing Star International Manpower Services (Private Employment Agency)
Blessed Shipping Agency Corporation (Manning Agency)
Blue Bay Consultancy & Employment Services (Private Employment Agency)
Blue Manila Inc. (Manning Agency)
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