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MANPOWER PHILIPPINES is the premier portal site for the Manpower and Recruitment Industry in the Philippines today. Dubbed as the Portal of the Great Filipino Workers, MANPOWER PHILIPPINES aims to facilitate effectively the representation of every Recruitment Agency and helps to alleviate the communication barriers from their target market: the Job Hunters and Employers.

Created and developed by I - ACTIVE PLUS TECHNOLOGIES INC., a progressive and dynamic company that offers a comprehensive scope of technological services, MANPOWER PHILIPPINES commits itself in revolutionizing the system traditional business transaction and application process that had been practicing by most of these Agencies.

By maximizing the full benefits and use of the fast-paced Information Technology (IT), MANPOWER PHILIPPINES’ creator and developer had designed sophisticated web-based programs called as Internet Based Business Solutions (IBBS), which bridges the gap between the Recruitment Agencies, Job Hunters and Foreign Employers. Through the said solutions, it allows them to communicate with each other directly.

Internet Based Business Solution (IBBS) was designed to assuage the predicaments and respond to the demands of the Recruitment Agencies of better and faster way of closing transactions from their Foreign Employers that would save their time, effort and operational expenses. It provides a wide variety of advance technological services that can help and support every Manpower and Recruitment Agency on Internet Advertising, Promotional and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

MANPOWER PHILIPPINES is not just an online directory of all the Recruitment Agencies operating in the country, but a search engine that will cater to the needs of all the Agencies, Job Hunters (or even the present Overseas Filipino Workers) and the Foreign Employers.

For the Recruitment Agencies, MANPOWER PHILIPPINES allows them to be featured in the Agency Directory. They can also have the chance to have their own web page, where they can display their company profile, post their job vacancies for an unlimited number of posting. They can also have the Applicant Database where they can store a maximum of fifty (50) applicants that had submitted their resumes online. Also, MANPOWER PHILIPPINES had integrated a special SMS feature that will allow them to broadcast their job vacancies through text messaging.

While, for the Job Hunters, MANPOWER PHILIPPINES gives them a digital experience of searching job in the comforts of their home, internet cafés or elsewhere as long as they have a computer with internet access. They can search for any in demand jobs abroad or for local employment. They can submit their resume directly to the Agency or store it in the MANPOWER PHILIPPINES Database and allow MyAgent to do the job matching for any possible jobs suit to their qualifications. Also, with the MANPOWER PHILIPPINES’ special SMS feature, they can inquire or receive job broadcasts from the Agencies they had applied in.

Moreover, for the Foreign Employers, MANPOWER PHILIPPINES offers them an opportunity to look for the right Recruitment Agencies that can heed their most demeaning demands and supply them with those potential Job Hunters.

MANPOWER PHILIPPINES will remain on carrying the flame towards the development and modernization process of this field of industry. MANPOWER PHILIPPINES will be firmed to its allegiance in providing nothing but the best innovative and sophisticated employment features that no other employment portal can provide.

This is our commitment. A noble mission for the advancement of the Manpower and Recruitment Industry in the Philippines.

We remain. We are determined.

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